Who sold us this?

Sometimes I can’t quite believe how we live our lives. From such simple origins, looking for food and avoiding predators, to this. How did we get here? On one hand it’s quite amazing what man can achieve in co-operation with fellow creators, but on the other hand it is quite sickening how we bought the […]

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Zen Pigeon

He sits rather chubby, over the stream, Pruning himself having a clean, But why not in town scavving for rice with his tribe, ‘Cos he’s Zen pigeon on a totally different vibe. He doesn’t move to take a shit, He surveys his patch whilst having a sit, He cares for nothing, he’s beyond all that, […]

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What we give to others we give to self What we think, we create What we identify with controls us Self guides if we can clear the way for it. We always react from love or fear. Being present helps own our reaction Have empathy, other people are dealing with their shit too We are […]

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Who is there?

Who is that driving force? Observing from the core, Ever present, ever watching, speak to me once more. I’m remembering you now as I still my mind, How could I forget you, why so hard to find? I remember you from old, when I used to know you well, I left you for a while, […]

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Who am I?

I am the one I have always known, I am the background always there, I am the one I know so very well, I am the one I hardly know at all. I am the essence that makes me me, I am not the personality, but the flavour of me. I am a core of […]

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